Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone

Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

Call of The Soul

The Soul will call upon you to confront every fear, every desire...~Rosy Kaur
Love and Peace, 30.01.2013

Love Speaks...

Love & Peace, 28.01.2013

Pillar of Thoughts

Drop the PILLAR OF THOUGHTS; it only is the cause of all of your misery...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 27.01.2013

The Whispers of Your Soul

Be STILL and listen to the WHISPERS OF YOUR SOUL saying U r pure, sacred and glorious…~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 26.01.2013

All Mysteries

Love will unfold all Mysteries...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 26.01.2013

The Thirsty Heart

The Thirsty Heart will SEEK OUT out the water...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 25.01.2013

My Paradise

Come to my Paradise My Luv; U will meet yourself here...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 24.01.2013

I kneel before you...

Your splendor never fails to offer me relief, each time I kneel before you...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 23.01.2013

Reach For Your Beloved...

The morning is fresh and fragrant; stretch out and Reach For Your Beloved...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 22.01.2013

Grow Closer

Even if we are rooted apart, we will grow branches to reach out to each other...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 21.01.2013

The Golden Sun

When the Sun sets, and the view turns to Gold; I crawl out of my shell and await for the Union with my Soul...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 19.01.2013

At My Grave

A Thousand winds blow at my grave; only to whisper your name in my ear...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 18.01.2013

Our Secret Rendez-Vous Garden

Do u remember our Secret Rendez-Vous garden...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 15.01.2013

The Opal Sky

The Serene Opal Sky also contains your True Inner Fire Ball...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 12.01.2013

Behind the Veil

Behind every Veil, it is always U...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 12.01.2013

Time Stands Still

In my Beloved's Garden, Time Stands Still...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 10.01.2013

I am a Wanderer...

I am a wanderer of the desert, searching for my Beloved's Oasis...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 09.01.2013

My Beloved's Love

My Beloved's love glows in the darkest of the hearts...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 08.01.2012

The Daredevil's Path

Walk that path least travelled by, and meet the daredevil within you...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 05.01.2013
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