Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone

Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

Spiritual Commitment

Understanding helps you to COMMIT to the PATH...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Light 22.12.2013

The House of Light

Listen O Beloved!
The gift of darkness which you presented to me; was the KEY to open the DOOR to the HOUSE OF LIGHT... ~Rosy Kaur
Love & Light, 22.12.2013

The Healing Space

What else to do...  Where else to go... other than the HEALING HANDS of MY BELOVED... ~Rosy Kaur
Love & Light, 13.12.2013.

The Beloved's Betrayal

The Beloved's Betrayal - if handled spiritually - can become a CATALYST for your SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION; because it transforms at the Speed of Light.  It opens a DIVINE PORTAL for INSTANT CONNECTION with ALL THAT IS... ~Rosy Kaur
Love & Light, 16.11.2013

The Dark Night Bright Lovers

The night spoke to the dawn, could U sleep without me?
No dear…whenever U hide in the blanket of darkness, I listen to the sound of your silence.

That is not true O Sun! U actually rest a lot, but come specially to steal love during the dark hours...
Yes My Love! I disguise as a lamp by your tallest tree and wait for a rendez-vous avec vous

I hear that
The Wind is attracted to the Cloud
The Cloud to the Rain
The dusk is rushing to meet the horizon,
Ocean gushing into the Sun…

The lovers always sneak in during the wee hours
When the world lies unconscious... Lovers R wide awake
Wide awake, exploring each other
And discovering each other, inside each other
The love and lore dance...
Ah! The love-lure…
Yes, one must lure the other within
The Wind lures the Cloud
The horizon luring the dusk,

The beauty is just the bait....
Eyes need to see something so powerful to close in awe
Once the eyes R closed, the dance begins, and Souls unite…
Mingling each cell of light with the other’s, taking and giving...
Who is taking, who is giving, to whom, and how much?
Who keeps the record?
Just lose yourself, lose yourself, lose, lose, lose...until U R no more...
When U R no more, that is when U R ALL...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 28.09.2013


Love outside of U is an ILLUSION...  Only the love you feel for URSELF is real.  When SELF-LOVE is present within U; U will encounter love everywhere outside too...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 02.09.2013

Same Wavelength

Whatever is happening to U is happening to me too...we are vibrating on the same wavelength...~Rosy Kaur 
Love & Peace, 28.08.2013

Inner & Outer Love

U love the Other in the same proportion to the love U carry within Urself.  Your Outer love equals your inner love...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 21.08.2013

Love sees BEYOND ALL...

Love sees the SOUL and BEYOND ALL...~Rosy Kaur 
Love & Peace, 18.07.2013

The Young Planet

You are forever fresh and beautiful like a young bride; I rise daily only to worship your beauty...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 14.07.2013

All Holy...

They are all holy - U, ME & THEM...~Rosy Kaur 
Love & Peace, 13.07.2013

Seek No More...

The LONGING itself is the UNION.  If you have felt the longing, know that U have arrived; Now seek no more ...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 13.07.2013

In Your Garden...

In YOUR GARDEN, I noticed that each blade of  grass was singing your song; each grain of sand was gleaming with your light - but alas not many eyes, not many ears were open to see or hear...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 13.07.2013

Open Your Heart

Just BE YOURSELF, OPEN YOUR HEART and come to me.  If you restricted yourself even before me, then love would not be equal; for love can only exist between equals...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 10.07.2013

The Glory Trap

Extinguish that Lamp of GLORY; this too is a trap - it will keep you stuck at one point...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 09.07.2013

The Soul Origins

The Soul is fully aware of its origins, and knows its destination; all that needs to be done is BEING WITH THE SOUL...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 08.07.2013

Craving for the Beloved

All cravings are nothing but a desire to experience Union with one's own soul...~Rosy Kaur

U R the POWER!

You have not come into being to learn about the Great Creator or to see or feel its power; U have come to REMEMBER THAT U R THE POWER!...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 06.07.2013


Much LIGHT and many SHADOWS reside in us; it is our shadows that make us aware of our INNER LIGHT...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Light, 05.07.2013

The Gateway to Enlightenment

The Final Gate - "The Gateway to Enlightenment" opens inside your Beloved's Heart...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 03.03.2013

Beyond Time & Space

Lovers can reach each other, touch each other, beyond TIME & SPACE...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 02.07.2013

I have taken off...

Now, I have taken off and my eyes are set on the Sun...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 30.06.2013

All I see is U...

All I see is U, all I hear is U, all I feel is U... U r Everywhere...
~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 29.06.2013

I am U

I can NEVER forget U; bcoz I live INSIDE U...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 29.06.2013

I Let Go...

I LIVED...I LOVED...And then I LET IT ALL GO...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 09.09.2012

Death of an Ego

In the middle of the autumn, when the golden leaves had begun a swirling dance;
The trees had taken off their green garbs in the hope of a lovemaking chance;
The sun was not too busy to give its attention
The wind had stopped to make way for the procession
A small gathering collected by closer to dusk
Somewhere in a lost forgotten park
Some old enemies and perhaps some friends
Dry smirks concealed, a few wet tears displayed
Came to attend my funeral in various face masks
Eager to whisper comments on the Priests' final remarks
The pyre was carefully laid out by some merciful hands
The fire was hungry to display its stand
I watched the fire dance, and the crowd disperse
Stood in peace to speak my piece
It was a sad, joyous, a great life I had lived
I had cherished the pains, and wounds relished
Had witnessed many autumns within the springs
Some secret joys sometimes had paid me visits
And now another door has opened
I am being invited
So I bid farewell
I am going off to the new world...~Rosy Kaur

Love is an ELIXIR...

Love is an ELIXIR - once it has been poured into your blood and Soul; U will see your Beloved in All...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 23.06.2013

The Light of My Beloved

My Beloved's light ignites all beings...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 22.06.2013

Archives of the Great One

All that we perceive as happening now; has already happened - we are all in a file in the archives of the Great Source...~Rosy Kaur 
Love & Peace, 21.06.2013

The Delirious Beggar

I am a beggar at your doorstep
For just one glimpse of you, I stand waiting aimlessly
When u do not open the door, I cry shamelessly
When u ignore neglect my presence, I beg endlessly
When u abandon me and leave from the back door, I pray ceaselessly
I am a delirious beggar at your door!...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 19.06.2013

The Choiceless Divine

The Divine is Choiceless; reaches out to everyone, everywhere, all the time...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 16.06.2013

The Web of Desires

It is only the web of desires that keeps us entangled here; otherwise the path is really very clear and enlightened already...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 16.06.2013

Who has Descended...

If u begin to notice that I have disappeared; know that the Beloved has descended and has set me aflame with Pure Love and Divine Order...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 13.06.2013

The Hidden Beloved

My Beloved hides in every cell...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 12.06.2013

Bcoz U R Loving

U Love not because the other is Lovable; but because U R LOVING...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 10.06.2013

The Sacred Tomb

My Heart is a Sacred Tomb; even I am not allowed to trespass it...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 09.06.2013.

The Explosion of Love

Your Love exploded in my heart and the light has spread in each cell.  Now my heart constantly burns with this Explosion of Love for U, loves this pain, and dances in this pain, and never allows the pain to stop...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 07.06.2013

The Wise Old Tree

Do they ever return, those who walk away?
Do U know we had descended from the Everest just to be the dust at your feet?
Do U know we stood frozen in the storm staring at your vanishing footprints?

Do U know how many tears were flowing behind your back?
Do U know how many sleepless nights awaited your return?

Do U know our eyes searched u at every corner every street?
Do U know how often we visited the places where once u had been seen?

Do U know your love songs throb in our blood till today?
Do U know how the unfulfilled dreams torment us night and day?

Do U know every phone bell raised hope to hear your voice?
Do U know each church bell reminds us of your sacredness?

Do U know in your absence, we destroyed our beauty and fair hue?
Do U know how many love-filled hearts we turned down in anticipation of a second chance with u?

Do U know how many arrows fired at u by the devil, we intercepted upon our chest?
Do U know to preserve your honour, we stabbed our heart?

Do U know the wounds you gifted us, we never let them heal?
Do U know in longing to belong with u, we renounced the world?

Tell me, O Wise One, Do they ever return?
Do they ever return, those who walk away?...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 01.06.2013

The Essence of Love

Love will change your Essence; and make you grow more and more like your Beloved; until your old self is completely vanished and your new self is nothing but just your Beloved...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 31.05.2013


TRUE LOVE is the TOTAL FREEDOM and SUPPORT you give to the Beloved to reach the sky...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 30.05.2013

The Illumination Lamp

Your Love has lit the ILLUMINATION LAMP; now God can no longer hide...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 24.05.2013

A Thousand Delights

A Thousand Delights hide in the pain of longing to be near U...
A Thousand Winds blow at my grave; only to whisper your name in my ear...
A Thousand Rays sparkle in my courtyard to remind me of your warm touch...
A Million Stars wink at me inviting me for the final rest...
The whole Universe is conspiring to unite us; just wait and watch...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 18.05.2013

Hidden Lovers

When a Lover whispers Truth to their Beloved in deepest private space of their Sacred Hearts; the whole Universe stands by to shower Love droplets upon the two Lovers...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 15.04.2013

The Vortex of Lovers

It is not only Love that continues to appreciate beauty
The Beauty too longs to be loved non-stop...

Not only does the Earth wait for the Sun to rise daily
The Sun as well rises only to rub the Earth for more warmth...

Not only do the bees seek the flower
The flower also wishes to be kissed by the bee...

Not only is the bird eager to dance in the wind
The wind also wishes to carry the bird over to the threshold...

Not only does the Thunder roar to invite its lover
The Sky too shimmers like a young bride on its wedding night...

The dance of lovers is happening everywhere, every instant
Pulling me into the vortex every moment...
~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 29.03.2013

Your Own Love & Light

U do not need to search for a lantern...Ur own love and light are enough to illuminate your inner path...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 16.03.2013

Ur Footprints...

You have been gone so long that even your footprints have vanished...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 13.03.2013

The Pool of Life

While in the middle of this Pool of Life; I define my own path...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 09.03.2013

The Tunnel of Love

Shush my mind........ I have entered the tunnel of Love...~Rosy Kaur
Love & Peace, 06.03.2013
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