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Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

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The White Dove

I am a white dove, 
Lit with pure white light
I fly with the swans
On a Royal Chariot pulled by Eleven Silver Unicorns

Whizzing by galaxies dressed in golden glow
The Universe is shimmering with fresh flakes of snow
Hurrying like a shooting star into the unknown
The address of which is in my soul pocket since the dawn

Reaching the mystic land, I am filled with awe
Stepping off the Chariot, I am aware
Peace is the guard standing at Heaven's door
Opens wide for the white dove arrived ashore

Entering the divine city, I am amazed by the grandeur and tranquility
Completely lost I am in this moment of immortality
I am led on a path lit with flames 
I hear a whispering of a familiar name
My feet tingle with softness of fresh white carpet
What lies ahead, my heart cannot yet anticipate
The overflowing joy moistens my deep blue eyes
For they have waited eons for this moment to arrive

A majestic throne I see ahead
A piercing light pulling me like a thread
Ah! I see the one whose name I know
Only Him and no other I bestow
He is My Beloved, rises to greet me
Rushing towards me, eager to meet me
Both souls unite, Silence is everywhere
Silence engulfs me, I am nowhere
Beloved remains, the dove is no more
In His Light, in His Silence, she has dissolved.
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  11.12.2011
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