Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone

Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

Happy 2012

Years Come years Go
Amazing how little about ourselves we know
We gather knowledge, numb our feelings
We pile thoughts up to the ceiling
Let this year be a year of freshness
A year of newness, a year of silence
A year to fly to the highest peaks
A year to dive within and deep
Deep inside at the final frontier
Is never-ending worship,  ongoing prayer!

Beloved Friends and Family
Photography by Tatiana Grinichenko
Love & Peace, ~Rosy Kaur.  31.12.2011


Relating (as per dictionary) means connecting/linking.

When a relationship ends, it is time to:
  •  REMEMBER the good times spent together whether in a personal or professional relationship;
  • FEEL one’s anger/disappointment/loss/sadness/pain without lashing it out at the other or at oneself. 
  • To become AWARE that since the relationship began, along the way, both parties have grown intrinsically.
-       Both have grown at a different growth rate.
-       Both have grown in different directions.
-       Both have newer goals/aspirations/needs etc.
-       Both deserve the freedom to choose their path.

Different growth patterns is the real reason for separation, regardless of what other reasons one may think of.

End of one thing, can be beginning of something more fulfilling.

Life is a journey whereby nothing is permanent.  Everything that begins automatically has an ending.

If one understands that separation grants the opportunity for self-exploration; then separation can be looked at as a blessing, instead of a curse.

At the end of the relationship both can make a conscious choice of RELATING:
  • Both can choose to become aware of good times, and express gratitude to each other and to the Universe for initially having brought them together to experience joy or to learn their lessons.
  • Both can feel their anger/disappointment/loss/sadness/pain without blaming each other/others/circumstances.
  • If possible, both can offer to assist the other to deal with anger/disappointment/loss/sadness/pain, and the other can accept assistance only to the extent to which the other feels comfortable.
  • Both can chose to stand apart and feel their own feelings, and set the other free.
  • Letting go of the other is also setting yourself free of the other.
  • In the event when one party is finding it difficult to let the other go; despite that feeling, giving space to the other can help.
  • Parting with an awareness that both are on their individual self-development path, and ready to explore/learn/adapt the new life, opens new pathways within oneself, and in the external life.
One can now RELATE to the Universe through ONESELF.

Consciously accepting, endings and opening up to newer beginnings is the Journey of RELATING/CONNECTING/LINKING with the HIGHER SOURCE.

LINKING with the HIGHER SOURCE is the PURPOSE of every SOUL.

The Soul constantly grants me Relating/Linking opportunities.  All I have to do is remain aware of them, and use them when they arrive.

I can relate with the Universe at any time.  
With Love & Peace, ~Rosy Kaur. 16.12.2011.


"Enlightenment" - My Work of Art

I have had no formal training in painting; but that does not stop me from playing with paints.  I paint bit by bit whenever the urge to play with paints comes.  After nearly 9 months of waiting this painting finally got finished yesterday.  Everything was done for 9 months, except the Lotus. The Lotus got done in the last two weeks.  It is named "Enlightenment", because during its painting process,  many of my negative feelings got washed away.  As Pablo Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."  It is about the 7 Chakras of the body plus other emotions associated with enlightenment.  So here it is now, hanging in my room...  

With Love & Peace, ~Rosy Kaur.  12.12.2011

The White Dove

I am a white dove, 
Lit with pure white light
I fly with the swans
On a Royal Chariot pulled by Eleven Silver Unicorns

Whizzing by galaxies dressed in golden glow
The Universe is shimmering with fresh flakes of snow
Hurrying like a shooting star into the unknown
The address of which is in my soul pocket since the dawn

Reaching the mystic land, I am filled with awe
Stepping off the Chariot, I am aware
Peace is the guard standing at Heaven's door
Opens wide for the white dove arrived ashore

Entering the divine city, I am amazed by the grandeur and tranquility
Completely lost I am in this moment of immortality
I am led on a path lit with flames 
I hear a whispering of a familiar name
My feet tingle with softness of fresh white carpet
What lies ahead, my heart cannot yet anticipate
The overflowing joy moistens my deep blue eyes
For they have waited eons for this moment to arrive

A majestic throne I see ahead
A piercing light pulling me like a thread
Ah! I see the one whose name I know
Only Him and no other I bestow
He is My Beloved, rises to greet me
Rushing towards me, eager to meet me
Both souls unite, Silence is everywhere
Silence engulfs me, I am nowhere
Beloved remains, the dove is no more
In His Light, in His Silence, she has dissolved.
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  11.12.2011


Desire (as per dictionary) is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

In the crude sense, Desire is the need to take/absorb something.

Fulfilment of the Desire brings me pleasure, until another new Desire takes its place.

Generally, a fulfilled Desire, loses its initial appeal.

Unfulfilled Desire generates emotional pain which in the long run develops into some sort of emotional/behavioural/physical dis-ease.

Suppressed desire becomes stronger and stronger.

When a desire arises, I can look at it, face it, and ask myself:
  • Where is the desire generating from: mind, body, heart, soul?
  • Why do I desire this; in what ways the fulfilment of this desire improve my life?
  • Will the process of fulfillment of this desire help me grow intrinsically/spiritually?
  • To fulfil my desire, do I need to take away something/someone from another?
  • How long will the pursuing and accomplishment of the desire keep me happy?
  • Can I analyse the desire, see its pros and cons, and then let it go, and carry on happily with my life?
  • Will discarding the desire right now make me unhappy, and for how long?
  • If I am suppressing my desire, giving it power to grow further; then is there a way by which I can learn not to suppress it, in order to weaken its hold over me?
  • Do I appreciate all things that I currently have in my life apart from what extra I am desiring now?
  • Am I able to steer my attention away from the desire, towards my other blessings in life and remain peaceful?
  • If I am desiring something that can be bought, am I willing to work to earn its financial worth to finally purchase what I desire?
  • If I am desiring something that cannot be bought, is there anything humanly possible that I can do to fulfil that desire, without damaging someone else's interest?
  • If I am desiring someone’s companionship/love/affection, is that person willing to offer his/her companionship/love/affection back to me?
  • Will I remain peaceful in the event that, that person is not interested in offering me what I desire in return from him/her?
  • Am I still interested in offering my companionship/love/affection even if the other is not interested in offering me his/her companionship/love/affection right now?
  • Am I bold enough to let the other know that I desire his/her companionship/love/affection, or do I simply brood over it?
  • Do I ever assist/guide others to fulfil their desire?
  • Do I sincerely/openly discuss/seek assistance/guidance from others to fulfil my desire?
  • Am I consumed by my desire?
  • Can I give myself the power to rise above the desire?
I can always choose to reach for a happy thought/a happy feeling regardless of whatever unfulfilled desires I have right now.

When I choose happier thoughts, in the presence of unfulfilled desires; I become DESIRABLE.

Being DESIRABLE means that I love myself unconditionally and am at peace with myself.



Love & Peace, ~Rosy Kaur.  09.12.2011



I seek my own Light, my own Truth, my own Wisdom.  I am ready to participate, to experiment and to discover my own Truth, at my own pace.

A follower is a slave, dependent upon another, throwing the responsibility for his spiritual growth upon another's shoulder.  Follower is blindly following the path set by another.

I am willing to listen to others, respect their beliefs.  But I reach within myself to feel what resonates with my being.

I am a SEEKER.  I am not an imitator.  

I am responsible for my own path.  I make my own path.  I may take longer... I may discover that the current path is not right for me, then I can discard it, and start all over.  I have the freedom to chose, to alter my plan.  

I am alert, perhaps vulnerable.  I am sometimes afraid, but still willing to learn, willing to walk my path.    

I may be all alone on the path, but yet not totally alone...my experiences will be with me.  My errors will teach me what is right for me.  My fears will teach me which leaps of courage to take.  

I am not in a hurry.  I set my own pace.  

The Universe is abundant beyond imagination.  I remain open to all possibilities.  I am always ready to change for the better, eager to adapt/experience/embrace the new.  Hence, I am always fresh/renewed/rejuvenated by my own discoveries.  

I am who I am.  

Love &; Peace, ~Rosy Kaur.  06.12.2011
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