Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone

Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur



What you feel, is what you feel
Hide it if u wish, but feel it within you fearlessly
This is your life, your soul, live it exceptionally
Honour the inner; it is the Great Divine, living through you exquisitely

Sky your Father, shelters you, urges you to walk boldly 
Earth, your Mother, cuddles you in her lap, nap in there tenderly
Seed of Love can sprout in your heart, if you sew unconditionally
Pull out the weeds of conditions and rules; they are not your divine family

If you are in love, blessed u r, acknowledge that humbly
Kneel down in front of your beloved, completely shamelessly
Cut out your heart, wash it, lay it at your beloved's feet
Now watch...how it is treated mercilessly

If ur heart is accepted, you are privileged,
If rejected, still you win
If you are showered with affection, you will blossom
If you are trampled, still you bloom
Nectar of Separation if the Beloved pours,
Sip the nectar slowly, discreetly
Relish the separation, imbibe the tears
Love in your heart is your own treasure, regardless how the other serves

This is how you feel love, and feel it absolutely
What you feel is what you feel, feel it wholeheartedly
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  21.09.2011

Peace is possible RIGHT NOW!

Peace is possible RIGHT NOW!

Peace is power, Peace is prayer
Peace is sacred, Peace is everywhere

Why can u not feel peace?
Because you are scattered everywhere piece by piece

A part of you is swimming in greed
Another is pretending to be in need

Some parts are stuck in control
That is why you are far from being whole

Other parts pretend to be setting examples
Wearing long robes visiting the temples

Body will perish
Robes will vanish

Your temples will remain on this earth
How will you escape the grips of death?

Make a tie with the divine bliss
Now is all that exists

You ask, how can you be peaceful?
Watch the orchid and learn…

Has the orchid filled several honey jars?
And locked them behind iron bars?

Why do u hoard, stock, collect?
Yet your soul, you always neglect.

Does the orchid steal, cheat, lie?
Is the orchid afraid to die?

Learn from the orchid, not from human races  
Peace is in being whole, not in pieces

Gather yourself, my dear, now is your chance
A moment in eternity, just one chance

Be love, Rise above, take a peace vow
Be whole, Be total, Be here, Peace is possible in the NOW!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  18.09.2011
Photography By:  Tatiana Grinichenko

Healing Myself - 12. My Teachers – Part 2

12.  My Teachers – Part 2

I was enjoying my singing at the Church very much. But the new teachers had already arrived and it was time for a new lesson.  But I could not see the political restlessness that was building up because I was totally immersed in the bliss of singing and did not see the storms building up above the water.  Also, these new teachers were not going to deliver the lessons with tenderness and respect like the music teacher.

When I did realize that I was becoming the target of jealousy and hatred, I was confused with the dilemma within, of whether to give up the service or not.  As per my conditioning, giving up service at a holy place was considered harmful for the soul.  So I was caught up in the right and wrong and was afraid of giving up the service.  As a result the politicians now had to use a harsh back-stabbing kind of tactic to remove me from the altar.

I felt humiliated, hurt, harassed, abused and rejected. At first, nothing was clear to me; as I kept asking myself why ...did this happen to me. It was also the time when I learnt that my x had died 6 years ago, and this information had been withheld from me by my near and dear ones, in the name of protecting me.  I felt betrayed by the family too. I had had a major eye surgery so physically I was weak and once again in life, I felt emotionally and physically broken and all alone in the world.

So many lessons, all at once; I felt under attack (as it so appears in my dreams). When the initial shock was over, I realized I had to heal myself again. I began to search newer healing techniques this time, since what I already knew was no longer working out. So, I purchased a guided meditation; which I listened to roughly six hours a day…and so the journey changed from having been a victim whole life to someone on therapy.

For three years, I did about ten meditations a day lasting up to 4 to 5 hours daily, and received my answer to this episode of rejection and humiliation at the Church. Now, I can see that the Existence was removing me from the organized religion and thrusting me into the spirituality at large. I now know that it was not a tragedy, but a blessing. The Universe has shown me that one does not need to sit in a particular building to worship God. That one does not need to sit under a particular tree to worship God. That worship is an internal process, done at the core of your being. That everything from, micro-organism to the macro organism is Existence. That everything visible and invisible to human eye is Existence. That my Teachers are not only the people who were teaching me lovingly, but also all those who gave me challenges, who pushed my buttons.

I now know that worship is not a morning or an evening routine. Worship is the whole existence of our being. Even tooth-brushing can be worship, if done with an awareness of being connected with the Existence. Even play, dance, household chores, office work – all is worship.

I feel all my Teachers have done well in delivering their lessons. Other affectionate Teachers also came: George taught me to take off the glasses of “Conditioning” and see the Existence with bare eyes; Tom taught me “Trust in the Universe”; Jerry taught me the “Power of Humour” – and not to take life too seriously; Tanya taught me “Resilience”.

Life has brought other challenges since then, and other Teachers too. But this time round I knew what was happening so was able to go through the experiences with an enlightened perspective. Now, when challenges come, I feel the emotions of pain and turmoil separate from who is doing what to me. I feel the sadness without judgment towards ‘them’. Of course, I cry. Of course, I hurt. But this time round I am not bitter. This time round, I know Existence has brought a negative situation to bring a positive change into my life for my greater spiritual good. This time round I know that my real Teacher behind the curtain is “Existence” itself. So, I welcome the Teacher, of course with a prayer to Existence to teach me with tenderness.  I welcome the positive change, I am the change!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur. 15.09.2011



Lush and fuchsia I have arrived
Bathed in holy scents, I am God’s lovely Bride

The stars have stuck sparkles, to my wedding gown
The Moon sent me kisses on the crown

Wearing a necklace of dew drops, a tiara of sun rays
Longest is my train, so the breeze says

Bees are my bridesmaids, never tired of singing
Butterflies are my guests spinning and dancing

Standing at the altar, I admire my beloved
The All Creator, All Knower, is teasing me a little

Making me blush, He urges me to enjoy my bliss
We are together for eternity, He says with a kiss.
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  09.09.2011
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Healing Myself - 11. My Blog

11. My Blog
Today I have offically registered this blog on the web.  Although I began my blog unofficially last year, and very often thought of getting a domain name; this was not easy for me to do so.  It is not the financial bit I am referring to.  It is not expensive to purchase a domain name these days.  But the registration of this domain actually became a spiritual process for me.  I had to deal with so many inner issues while considering a go ahead to register.  I had to overcome fear of failure.  My past traumas had made me literally a recluse.  I hide my light from most people.  Some might call it modesty, but I feel it is some sort of a fear too - fear of exposure.
Expressing myself on this blog has helped me to dig out much pain from inside and throw it away.  I still have a long way to go; and as Louise L Hay would say, you never really get it all done.  I too would say, that I have much work-in-progress to do.  But I am feeling hopeful.  I am seeing how far I have come from the suicidal thoughts to thoughts of willing to live my life.  Perhaps it took too long; perhaps it is too late for many experiences.  But, now I know that life too is like a school.  When I finish this class, I will be promoted to the next in a fresh new body, with a clean slate to start all over again, but carrying forward the experiences from this life and from other past lives.  So while I am in this class, I plan to make the most of it!  Good luck to me!
By:  gkRose, 08.09.2011
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Unfinished Business...Incomplete Desires...

How often people worry about their unstable careers, incomplete education, and/or rocky relationships.  Some people might regard these worries as attachment to the material world.  Yet, if you are on the path of self-exploration and spiritual growth; you will see that the concern regarding these issues is not necessarily an attachment.

A spiritual person regards these concerns as steps to climb for spiritual escalation.  The concern regarding this unfinished business means that there is spiritual work-in-progress that is demanding completion. When a spiritual person desires something strongly, then when that desire is fulfilled; he/she achieves a sense of inner completion; like a step has been climbed on the ladder of spiritual growth, and now that desire is closed.

So a Spiritual person always sees a desire as something seeking closure; because a spiritual person knows that with all these big rocks (desires) sitting on his/her back, he/she cannot climb the ladder of spiritual journey.  It is said that if there are unfinished desires on one's back, the spirit will be re-born again to fulfill the incomplete desires; and each new birth may add on fresh more desires, so the game may never end.

One who has put himself/herself on a spiritual journey, knows he/she has to let go of these rocks. But the only way to drop them off is to go through the experience, and then automatically the desires evaporate because now there is no need to yearn for something not experienced.

One has to fulfill the desires, with an awareness that they are simply rocks to be dropped off on the way, and feel a sense of completion and keep moving onwards in life knowing the backpack is getting lighter and lighter as the unnecessary bagagge is being dropped off on the way.  Some other senseless desires will not even need to be experienced, they will automatically fall away, as the spirit gains more and more freedom from others.

Finally, when all the unnecessary bagagge has been dropped off, one lives in ecstasy, in a spiritual dance, knowing that one can have anything one needs without becoming attached to it.  Now the spirit is free and ready to return to the Source.  It will continue living in ecstasy, in bliss as long as life is there; since now, there will be no difference in life and death, and the unknown beyond death.  Now, one has reached Nirvana.  Now, one is one with the Source.  Now one is complete, and there is no unfinished business left to bring one back and forth in lives.  The journey of millions of lives in now complete, and the soul has arrived home, its eternal home!

Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  07.09.2011

The Gateway "Eye"

The Gateway "Eye"

My eyes became the gateway, for you to enter my heart...
How I had thought, this can never happen to me, I had considered myself smart :)

Your image is stamped onto the heart as if with some sort of permanent ink
No matter how hard I try, I cannot delete the link

When longing is too intense, I call the eyes the enemy
Yet I thank them for escorting you, deep into me

Neither the eyes sleep, now, nor the heart rests
The eyes sob, the heart thirsts
For just one glimpse of you,
And then another, and then perhaps I can sleep,
If not, perhaps the heart might like to weep.

Let the eyes turn into light
And the heart into liquid
Let them flow in your blood,
Till all of my "I" is disolved.
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  06.09.2011

A Loving Heart...

Carry a HEART that NEVER Hates.
Carry a SMILE that NEVER Fades.
Carry a TOUCH that NEVER Hurts.
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