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Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

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The Wise Face of Autumn

The Wise Face of Autumn

Green has turned to gold in surrender to divinity, it is time for resurrection;
It is time to part with what has served well, having had a celebration.

The fallen leaves are swirling in a spin dance, rejoicing new freedom;
Fearlessly venturing into the unknown, feeling completely unlimited.

Fragile branches have grown wings, homelessness causes no fear;
The seeds have ripened, anticipating a nap in the womb of Mother Nature.

Trees stand tall and naked, proud to have had many guests;
The butterflies and bees, birds and children, have all gone to rest.

It is time to gently, let go of, what has been an immense joy
Time to thank, Time to move on, Time to say good bye.

Time to rest, Time to trust, time to embrace the newness
Time to wait, at the silence gate, to welcome the freshness!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur. 21.06.2011

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