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Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

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Healing Myself - 10. My Teachers - Part 1

10. My Teachers - Part 1

The best people in my life have been my teachers. Throughout my schooling, I was taught by inspired teachers. Even the teachers who were considered lazy by many; surprisingly those same lazy teachers taught me very enthusiastically. My life at school was bliss. I was loved by my teachers, and admired by my fellow classmates. Later, in life, my first job of an English Teacher was at the same college where I had studied. My teachers became my fellow workers. They pampered me with their love and lovingly addressed me as Professor. I was the youngest teacher on Staff. After 3 years of teaching at the same Catholic College, I was promoted to the position of the Principal. Again, my teachers celebrated my promotion. It is here, I learnt that love is a great healer. All the depression and pain from my home life was eased at the College. I worked here for 14 years, and though I faced numerous work challenges, I never felt unloved here.

I was born a fearless, extrovert, joyful child. Sadly, the fearless, joyous child was crushed by the excessive control and conditioning imposed by this world in the name of culture, along with that verbal and emotional abuse. The first ray of light came to me seven years ago, in the form of my music teacher. He was hired as a priest at our church. All my life I had wanted to learn to sing; but in this small remote town there was never a proper music teacher available. I did go to learn from a lady, but all I could learn from her was how to move my fingers on the keyboard. However, I intently learnt that from her in the hope that one day when I do get the chance to learn, I would not have to begin from scratch.

So this priest arrived at our church. Other people began to learn from him right away. But for me learning is a sacred field. I have to first respect someone in my heart in order to learn from him/her. So, I quietly watched him sing, preach etc. He is a well-known writer and poet; has written several spiritual books. I intently read one of his books. It is said that a book can mirror a writer’s mind and heart. I liked what he had written. I felt his writing came from the heart and it agreed with my way of thinking and beliefs. I also felt that he had a very unusual peace about him. At that time, life had totally broken me into pieces; but I was cleverly covering that storm underneath a well-rehearsed cool exterior. After watching him for three months, I requested him to teach me, and he agreed.

So the fun of learning began. He did not treat me like a beginner at all. He straight away put me to learn like a professional singer and taught me difficult notes that neither my fingers could play on the keyboard, nor my throat could sing. Yet his confidence in me helped me to keep on learning. Very soon, he put me on stage to sing at the church.

But he was not just a priest or teacher; there was more to him than that. I felt as if we were telepathic. Whatever, I wished to learn, he would teach me without my asking. In fact he spoke very little during our lessons. I felt he had a powerful intuition, and could sense my feelings, and gentleness of his spirit helped to ease my inner turmoil. At first, I sang in pain, then slowly peace began to come over me, and then joy entered my heart in such a way that whatever I sang one Sunday at the Church would play and re-play non-stop in my mind throughout the week, until I sing something new the next week, and so on. Just being in his presence was healing me without him doing anything at all. He taught me for nine months and left the country. Today, I am not a great singer, nor do I ask to be; but when I sing I feel as if I am transported into another higher dimension where I am connected to very powerful sacred healing energies. I am happy to sing. I am thankful to Universe for sending such a wonderful teacher.

Apart from singing, I learnt an important lesson from him, just by watching him. I watched that though he possessed great knowledge from his professional qualifications and experiences, he never felt the need to prove himself. People speak so much even when they have little knowledge. But he would remain calm, quiet. When he did speak he would sum up a whole chapter’s lesson in just one sentence. This was my very first insight into the “Power of Silence”. I learnt from him, tolerance and acceptance of others, just the way others are. I am blessed to have had him as my music teacher; and now there is no need to search for another music teacher any more. This lesson was complete, and now it was time for another teacher to arrive…
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  05.05.2011
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