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Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

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Eternity and Beyond…

Eternity and Beyond…

As long as I am a flower, you will be a butterfly fluttering near me
When I am a paper boat, you can be the stream and flood by me

If I choose to be a cloud, be the wind and blow me away
When I am a sunflower, be the sun on that day!

Sometimes I might wish to be a deer and run wild
You will have to chase me till you are tired

When I am a flame, you will be the light
Together we shall burn throughout the night

Once I was a plain white canvas
You splashed paints on me and made me a mess!

It is better that I become a brush
At least you will hold me softly and make me blush

On the day when I have died
Be my coffin and hold me tight

When I am reborn, again I want to meet you
Remind me your name so I can greet you

When I am a shooting star, you cannot stop me
You will have to be a black hole and completely engulf me

When I am a shimmering galaxy, you will be called the Universe
I will contain many worlds and you will silently observe

On and on we play till eternity and beyond
You are I, and I am u, such is our bond!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  10.05.2011
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