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Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

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Soul Search

Soul Search

Where are you my Beloved?
You taught me that love is all that matters…
I am touching the strings to play a tune
The song has begun in the heart
But has not yet reached the fingertips
What must I do now?
I await …for a glimpse of thine
Like that moment when you were completely mine

What am I doing?
The duality has not disappeared
I search you outside
I find you, lose you
I am still caught in love and loss
In joy and sorrow

What has happened?
The heart womb has closed
Now no other can come in
But how do you appear in every one?
How has your scent descended into the rose petals?
How is the wind singing your song?
I am intoxicated drinking you
Nothingness has begun to touch me

What should I do?
Awake, My Beloved!
Life is being spent, Awake!
Dawn has arrived, Awake!
Beloved is within, Awake, Awake, Awake!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  29.04.11
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