Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone

Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

Soul Search

Soul Search

Where are you my Beloved?
You taught me that love is all that matters…
I am touching the strings to play a tune
The song has begun in the heart
But has not yet reached the fingertips
What must I do now?
I await …for a glimpse of thine
Like that moment when you were completely mine

What am I doing?
The duality has not disappeared
I search you outside
I find you, lose you
I am still caught in love and loss
In joy and sorrow

What has happened?
The heart womb has closed
Now no other can come in
But how do you appear in every one?
How has your scent descended into the rose petals?
How is the wind singing your song?
I am intoxicated drinking you
Nothingness has begun to touch me

What should I do?
Awake, My Beloved!
Life is being spent, Awake!
Dawn has arrived, Awake!
Beloved is within, Awake, Awake, Awake!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  29.04.11

Healing Myself - 9. Time Spaces

9. Time Spaces

For two years now I have been doing several guided meditations. Three years ago, something happened in life that shook the very core of my being. The incident triggered the pain that I have been carrying whole life. I was in an emotional trauma. I went for counseling, but although those were my co-counselors, they did their best for me; their help was only touching the tip of the iceberg. Out of desperation I purchased a guided meditation. It was a mediation to be done, once in the morning and once at night. However, my turmoil was so powerful; I could not function fully even to perform daily activities. So I put that meditation music on my mp3 and let it play for 3 hours in the morning until the batteries ran out. Then I played it again 3 hrs at night, again until the batteries ran out. This went on for about ten months. I then began to purchase other meditations, so on and on the journey went. After two years, now I realize, I am a calm person. During the healing sessions with George last year, we discussed my dreams regarding the houses and bathrooms, and I felt I had released a lot of buried pain and emotional debris.

On Good Friday 22 April, I began a new guided meditation healing program. This program has 13 guided meditations, to heal various aspects of life. But, this is a full package with thick pdf manuals to read on inner growth. I have to do one guided meditation every day, and, read the manual and practice the self-growth steps every day. But the additional thing that I like about this package is that I have to sit in silence for one hour daily. I began my silence sitting on Friday...

Last night I had another bathroom dream, after the fourth silent sitting. In the dream, I am in a house where my family lived 27 years ago. I was a child at that time. This was really a painful time for me. It is the first time; I visited this house in my dream. This was a huge house in which I lived with my parents, three sisters, one elder cousin brother, his wife and his toddler son. During the stay in this house, my parents’ full focus was on cousin brother, and his family. My parents were exhausted in establishing his life.  In this house, my eldest sister was engaged, and even prior to her engagement, the focus was always on her marriage only. Everything was being prepared for her marriage all the time. My youngest sister was a kid and happy and jolly in her daily acitivities. My UK sister and I were had much stress in our lives; from school issues and household chores.  We were going into puberty and were in need of comfort and nurturing, but I guess neglect and stress can damage children very deeply.

In the dream, we have just moved into this house. It is night time. My mum and dad put out the candle light, and close their curtain and go to sleep. All four of us sisters are in a very old dirty bathroom. Bathroom has a wash basin and a huge cast iron Victorian style bath tub. The bathroom has thick automobile like greese on everything.  The bathroom smells like a dirty auto garage. There is an old lady who asks me why my father rented a house with such a dirty bathroom. I am defending my father by saying that it is very hard to find houses on rent, so he had to take the one that was available. The lady has many lovely candles with her. I ask her to give me a scented candle. I light this candle and give to my UK sister to put into the bathroom. Now the bathroom smells wonderful and we are cleaning it. My eldest sister is just sitting around and day dreaming. I ask her what she is so absorbed with. She replies, she is thinking of wedding plans. The old lady is chit chatting. My youngest sister is playing around. My UK sister and I are doing the hard work. I take a wire scrubber and am using a strong household cleaning detergent, and clean the wash basin squeaky clean. The old lady is complimenting me, but I am not interested in her compliment. I am determined to clean up. I am making further plans in my mind how to hire help to pick and throw clutter (also full of grease) out of the bathroom into a skip.

Next scene, I am all by myself, outside the house, nearby a tap. It is drizzling gently. The drizzle is pouring onto me. I am enjoying this clean and gentle shower of the rain on my skin. I am peaceful, and enjoying the drizzle. But I am still cleaning a shower mat from the same bathroom. The mat has just an inch of grease left on it. I am on my knees and scrubbing it clean. But I am also thinking that after cleaning it, I will leave it out in the rain, since rain water is considered a great cleanser. The dream ends.

I have finally understood, how the dream is relating my life in exactly the same way things were happening in life. I realize how the subconscious is communicating with me, speaking nothing but the truth.

For the first time I have understood the meaning of houses and bathrooms in my dreams. They are symbolic of time spaces; meaning a time period in my life. I had never thought of cleaning up my emotional debris in this house where I had lived for about five years. After these silent meditations, my subconscious has helped me to clear it all out. I felt so refreshed from this awareness that how much of my subconscious mind is assisting me. It is my guide like the old lady in the dream, giving me a scented candle. My subconscious mind is assisting me to clean up the past emotional debris, and lighting a scented candle in it. I am thankful to it. I feel wonderful that all my efforts made on self-growth are paying off.

Once, I understood that bathrooms and homes mean “time spent in a certain place in my life time”, I did a mind exercise. I went back into my life into the first home that I remember. I put a “thank you” note in that house, and lit a scented candle. One by one in sequence of time, I put “thank you” notes in each of the houses I ever lived in, and lit a scented candle in each of them. Finally, I put a “thank you” note for my future home, and lit a scented candle in it too, since only we, who live in linear time line, have not yet seen the future, but otherwise of course when seen from a higher dimension, the future has already happened.

I now feel tremendous amount of peace and gratitude, having finally understood the symbolism of bathroom dreams, and from the awareness, how much my subconscious mind is on my side. And finally, I feel thankful for having the courage to express myself on this blog space. Expressing my innermost work, releases the debris further, and leaves me feeling squeaky clean and healthy. Thank you, Universe for assisting me in my journey! Love you!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  26.04.2011
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Aloneness is Solitude ….

Aloneness is Solitude…

Go ahead blush like a rose, or dance like a butterfly
Your beauty is within you, let it shine outright

Remember to give hug to a tree, or blow a kiss to the breeze
Close the eye of the mind, and worship silently with ease

Today, Are you painting rainbows in the sky?
Shooting up to the horizon to touch the sky?

Why don’t you cuddle with your loving pet
You will see how many unwanted memories you will forget

Consider a tango with your favourite quilt
It is possible your heart will see what the mind has quit

When you are alone, you are not alone, you are with you
You are your friend, companion, lover, that is true!

In your own companionship you will find solitude
Aloneness is bliss, aloneness is fortitude
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  19.04.11


When I had not seen you, I could see no-one. Now that I have seen you, I SEE YOU IN ALL.
~Rosy Kaur. 11.04.11



If you are my Teacher
Then teach me to Love fearlessly
If you are my Friend
Then walk with me on the enlightened path
If you are my beloved
Then come freely
Let us dance the dance of life
Why wait eons
Let us hold this moment
Why play game of hide and seek
Just show up at the front door
Why write love letters
Speak your truth here
Why pray for unity
Intend to be one right now!
For all is in you
As all is in me.
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  08.04.2011


I am the stance and I am the dance
I am the glance and I am the trance
Dance away, dance away, dance away

I am the silence I am the voice
I am the faltered, I am the solace
Laugh away, laugh away, laugh away

I am the wings I am the flight
I am the day I am the night
Awake, Awake, Awake O Dear One!

I am the vice, I am the virtue
I am the bird, I am the statue
Fly away, fly away, fly away

I am the right I am the wrong
I am the stillness I am the song
Sing now, sing now, sing now

I am the pauper, I am the king
I am autumn, I am spring
Scent for u, scent for u, scent for u

I am the learner, I am the teacher
I am the disciple, I am the preacher
Hear me, hear me, hear me

I am the tear, I am the joy
I am the wave, I am the buoy
Hold me, hold me, hold me

I am light, I am shadow
I am the bride, I am the widow
Love me, Love me, Love me!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  06.04.2011

My Perfect Child, U R God!

Last night, I learnt that a friend of mine has a child who has Autism.  Being an empath, I sensed her love for her child despite the challenges of upbringing her son.  What I felt has poured out as the following words.  The love that any parent has ever felt, and feels, and will ever feel, cannot be expressed in words, please forgive me for being incapable of doing so...

My Perfect Child, U R God!

My Beloved, The Most Beautiful Perfect Child
On the day you were conceived, I felt the stillness of Universe inside me
I feel I have longed for you since the birth of my own soul
I love you, as you are me, outside of me
You are God’s messenger in my home

Your stature is small but you know no limitation
You give love spontaneously, without hesitation
Your hands are tiny but your generosity is grand
Your eyes are kind, and vision is eternal

Your smile pours out an ocean of joy
Your touch warms the depths of my heart
You don’t quit to reach heights far high above you
You don’t stop to rise after many falls

When you are hungry, you are not ashamed to weep
When you are tired, anywhere you can sleep
Simplest of meals are enough to satiate you
Gentle warm hugs are sufficient to calm you

I understand your baby words, you understand my silence
Your companionship has taught me the meaning of resilience
Your milestones teach me tolerance and patience
Your peaceful sleep shows me divine magnificence

You appear helpless, but give abundance of strength
I never felt as strong as when u grabbed my hand
You remind my soul what I cannot remember
I know you are a being from God’s High Chamber

I thank you for choosing me to stand and watch
It is the greatest Blessing I have got
Allow me to watch you till you are ready to fly
I know you will fulfill your Soul Purpose and reach the sky.

Lots of Love and Hugs, Your Mother
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  01.04.2011
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