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Welcome to The Inner Peace Zone. The Inner Peace Zone is my diary of my poetry and other self-expressions. All the pictures on the blog are self-photography unless where stated otherwise. Any resemblance to any picture on the web is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy reading The Inner Peace Zone. Love & Peace, Rosy Kaur

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Healing Myself

Once you have recognized that have emotional scars, whether from a great loss, disaster, abusive relationship; it is time to seek professional help and guidance for a timely recovery.  The following helped me in healing myself:

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. We are giant magnets attracting whatever we are. When we find ourselves in any displeasing situation and if we choose to fight or resist whatever is happening to us, we are then creating resistance, which puts us in a disharmonious vibration, so that we attract more displeasing situations. Gratitude is an acceptance of things/situations just the way they are, without blame/criticism/should have/could have etc. It is a knowing, that nothing otherwise different could have happened. What happened is exactly what was absolutely necessary for our spiritual growth.  Experiment with being thankful for all experiences good or bad, all gifts big or small, for all life and whole universe; for a while and observe that gratitude is the key to the world of miracles.

Peace is not possible without forgiveness. Most of us need time to work through pain and loss. We can find all kinds of reasons for postponing forgiveness. One of these reasons is waiting for the wrongdoers to repent before we forgive them. Yet such a delay causes us to forfeit the peace and happiness that could be ours, right now.

Holding within, long-past hurts does not bring happiness. Forgiveness frees up and puts to better use the energy that is being consumed by holding grudges, self bashing, harboring resentments, and nursing unhealed wounds. Forgiveness is tapping into our limitless capacity to understand and accept other people and ourselves.

When we can forgive ourselves for our mistakes, wrong doings and those who have caused us hurt and injury, we will rise to a higher level of self-esteem and well-being and eventually become less angry, more hopeful, less depressed, less anxious and less stressed, and feel the real joy in life.

Kindness is an expression of compassion and love towards others. It is letting go of the need to be always right. Kindness is an action not a thought. Kindness is goodness in action, goodness of heart expressing itself in deeds. Without action we cannot be known to be merciful. Practicing kindness is being god-like, since God showers his ever-present mercy on all of its creation. It is grace, tenderness, mercy, compassion—self-sacrificing tender action on all other beings. If we wish to practice kindness, opportunities are presented every hour to do "great" or “minor” acts of kindness for others. Don’t let those opportunities pass by without an act of kindness in motion.

Generosity is the habit of giving without coercion. Generosity means that an individual chooses to give of his/her own freewill. Generosity of spirit encompasses more than just giving of money. It includes giving time, thoughts, loving/comforting words and ideas. True generosity of spirit requires taking action to make a difference. By giving yourself, you generate more abundance in your own life. Therefore, generosity is a tool to create a better world, for yourself and for others.

Thinking constantly about the memories particularly painful, does not make sense, since past is gone. It cannot be altered. All that can be accomplished from the past events is scooping out the lessons learnt, for the betterment of the present. And, it does not make sense to worry about the future, as we don't ever live in the future. Most of the things we fear don't happen, anyway. We only live in the present; therefore, it would seem to make more sense if our focus is also kept on the present moment. Life becomes a happy and enjoyable journey when the attitude toward it and its events is positive, and the present moment is then being used in the best possible way. Living in the present means concentrating on what is happening now, enjoying it and making the most of it. Living in the present brings peace, since nothing from the past can enter to trouble the mind, nor worries regarding the future can penetrate the heart. Wake up to the present moment and live in it! 
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  16.03.2011
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