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Healing Myself - 4. The Emotional Pendulum

4.  The Emotional Pendulum

When I was feeling so elated with one morning's peaceful feelings, the whole universe seemed to have come into my embrace. But, of course, can a human being remain in such a state of bliss forever. Perhaps, saints do! I feel my emotions sway like a pendulum. They keep swaying to and fro and keep shifting from elation to depression, from happiness to sadness... I have learnt about myself that when I am feeling joyous, I can easily live in that present moment. When I am feeling bored, I begin to look towards future, which of course does little good, as future is unpredictable.

But when I am feeling sad, I feel I am being pulled back into the past, into its painful memories, and regrets. This is the most troublesome situation for me. I begin to feel trapped and whole life begins to feel meaningless. At that stage, I have to dig out the strongest person inside me to fight with the demons from the past. Or, seek guidance from my caring friends. I also have a list of things to do when I am in this state. I begin the list as soon as I find myself being stuck in the sadness. But what works on that particular day is always different. However, the list gives me a chance to do something, keeping my mind busy. If one thing does not work out in my favour on that day, I chose another item from the list.

When I was not on the healing path, I found myself trapped in this meaningless situation for days. As my healing progressed, the number of days in depression reduced. And now, sometimes, I am able to get myself out of depression within a few hours.

One of the things that has helped me most is what George taught me. He says, "Feel the sadness". He taught me that if one suppresses or fights the sadness, it returns with a vengeance. Therefore, I have learnt to feel the sadness. I need to learn to master surrendering to sadness to gain full control over my emotional pendulum. I have to discover a place of centredness. Then the pendulum will not make a wide swing towards sadness. Then I can keep pendulum centered in the momentum of joy!
Love & Peace ~Rosy Kaur.  05.03.2011
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